1.14.0 Editor/Launcher freezes after creating new project and compiling


I am using Lumberyard 1.14 and Visual Studio 2017 (15.7.1).

I installed Lumberyard and run the StarterGame inside in the editor succesfully. Then I created a new empty project, set it as default project, configured with -p MyGamesName option, and compiled (configuration profile). Then I opened the editor and waited for all the assets to process. The editor did not open, so I decided to run the game from inside the VS. Technically the launcher starts, but the window does not open. Pausing the process shows, that currently processed line is line no. 120 in CryLegacySystemComponent.cpp.

Also, I am unable to open the StarterGame inside the editor as well.

Described behaviour was not present in prior Lumberyard version.


@wmamrak, please try the following options to solve the issue:

  1. Run compiled editor.exe in Windows 8 compatibility mode
  2. Install vc14.13 toolchain for VS2017, if needed, and recompile the editor with it
    In order to force using vc14.13 toolchain please modify default_settings.json by adding additional command line arguments into vcvarsall.bat call:
	{ "long_form": "--win-vs2017-vcvarsall-args",
"attribute": "win_vs2017_vcvarsall_args",
"default_value": "-vcvars_ver=14.13",
"description": "Additional arguments to pass to vcvarsall.bat"

Delete WAF/user_settings.json and reconfigure your project once again.