1.24 After compile problem

Okay so I build my project and engine with ./lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2017_profile -p game_and_engine it works and says it was successful lumberyard starts and almost everything works but Lua when I try to open up Lua it crashes I’ve rebuilt the project twice now with the same result. Any idea to what would be causing blue and not to in Crash lumber yard?

Hi @phil_blackwood,

Would you mind answering a few questions so we can get a better idea of what might be wrong?

  1. After launching the Lumberyard Editor, what actions did you take next? (i.e. what buttons did you press that caused the crash?)
  2. Did you get a popup crash dialog? If so, did it have an error message on it? What was it?
  3. Would you be willing to send us your editor log? It can be found in dev/Cache/ProjectName/pc/user/log/Editor.log

i rebuild my project for a again and the problem went away. i do get this error when i open a level.
[ 1] [Script] [Lua Error] scripts/gamerules/dummyrules.lua:25: attempt to index global ‘CryAction’ (a nil value)

Hi @phil_blackwood, if you want that error to go away you can edit
dev/ProjectName/scripts/gamerules/dummyrules.lua and remove the whole OnStartLevel function in that file.

> function DummyRules.Server:OnStartLevel()
> 	CryAction.SendGameplayEvent(NULL_ENTITY, eGE_GameStarted);
> end

Hi @NewUser-e3cf0fac-bba,

Thank you for pointing out this solution, I will make sure this issue is tracked internally so that we can prevent this bug in the future!