[] Game cannot be initialized

2780-editor.txt (22.5 KB)editor.txt

Hi !

Since last version I cannot launch the editor. I made a new project, buid it with lmbr_waf after enabling gems, but it didn’t work at all …

In the editor.log there is some others problems :

  • It say I use a Japanese keyboard but I use an AZERTY.

  • He don’t recognize my GPU (It say : Unknow)

I join the editor.log

Thank’s for your help !

Hello @nOblaYa,

Let me try to troubleshoot this issue with you. I looked at the Editor.log and I didn’t see any major issues other than failing to load your project’s dll.

There is a known issue in Lumberyard listed here:

The Multiplayer Gem and the GameLift Gem are incompatible and cannot be used together. The Multiplayer Gem contains everything needed to use Amazon GameLift.

Make sure that you haven’t selected both the Multiplayer Gem and the GameLift gem.

Let us know if that solves the issue you are experiencing!