Project Configurator Crashes


I can’t run the project configurator for! It just crashes following the error message attached.

I was having a similar issue with the editor but after looking around online I found this fix, having to with the number of threads in my dual xeon setup: https://forums.awsgametech.com/t/editor-keeps-crashing-on-startup/1355/1

After applying this fix and rebuiIding I can run the editor no problem, but I’d like to enable some gems. I’ve had version running just fine since it came out. Is there a way to enable gems without using the configurator?


BTW just using LY for animation rendering.

Hello @The3Dstig,

You should be able to enable gems without using the Project Configurator by modifying the Project’s gems.json file located in your Project’s Assets folder (dev{ProjectName}).

You can also use the lmbr.exe command line utility to enable or disable gems:

lmbr gems enable gem_name project_name (-version version)

See this documentation page for more information on lmbr.exe


Also, a fix for the crash you are seeing will be included in the next version of Lumberyard.