[1.6] Camera near plane setup not working in Release build


I observed that cl_DefaultNearPlane console param not working in Release build.

Also changing #define DEFAULT_NEAR in Cry_Camera.h not helps.

Do you have any idea how to fix it ?


Hi @Binky,

You are right I am using legacy camera. I will try with a new Camera Component and I will let you know.

I am creating interactive eCatalogue for Terma products (www.termaheat.pl). I need small near, clip plane to show close product details (through camera and sequences).

Thank you very much for your idea :slight_smile:


Hey @jasiuj, It sounds like you are using the legacy camera system. Have you tried the component entity camera? In the view port you can frame up what you want to capture and right-click and choose Create camera entity from viewport.

Can you provide some more info on what you are trying to do?

That sounds cool @jasiuj. Let me know if that works and if not we’ll got some other ideas coming your way.

@Binky, I tested it locally and it is works (I will retest it at production in a upcoming days). As I see a new camera component have a lots of additional interesting stuff to work with it :slight_smile: cool :slight_smile:

hI @Binky, I observed that a new Camera from Component Entity not works with Track view, Sequences ? So maybe you have some ideas how to change NearZ component for legacy Camera in Release build ? Or maybe there will be soon a new sequence module in upcoming LY to work with new Cameras for which I should wait for :slight_smile: ?

Hey @jasiuj, so you are trying to do this in the track view? Let me see what I can find out.

I’m still looking into this one.

Hi @jasiuj, in Lumberyard 1.9 you can add a camera component entity to a component entity sequence in TrackView. After adding the camera, right click on it in TrackView and select Add Track > NearClipDistance.


Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions!