[1.6] Installing SDK's and Project Configurator

Some suggestions to help with installation and usage…

While installing all of the prerequisites to create a new project, I had to learn the hard way just exactly what I had to install with regards to Visual Studio 2013.

It would be helpful to note in the Setup Assistant* that a minimum of Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition Update 4 with the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) should be installed. I figured out the Community Edition simple enough, but ran into some missing header files when trying to build the new project without the MFC. SEE EDIT

Simply giving a link to the VS2013 Update 4 setup file is extremely misleading. While this may be intentional, it seems very unintuitive.

Next, I’m sure this is on your radar, but having an option to run lmbr_waf.bat commands from the project configurator would be helpful, as opening an elevated cmd prompt and navigating to the appropriate directory can be cumbersome. Maybe even just a tab with a console window pointing to the dev folder?

*This shortcut needs "Lumberyard " prepended to the name, as with the Project Configurator shortcut.

Thanks! Keep it up!

EDIT: Was using the “-p all” switch instead of “game” to build. Nevermind on the MFC. Noob mistake.

Just noticed that the MFC requirement shows up once you select the fifth option “Compile the Lumberyard Editor and Tools”. Should be required for fourth option also?

Thanks for the feedback @andrew. I have passed it along to the documentation team and game teams. Good insight there.