[1.6] PC Particle fire effect Release vs Debug missing texture?

After exporting levels, building project, building shaders, building release/debug.

When I run the built .exe on debug, there’s no issues with the flame particle.


but when I run in Release in the same scene, it’s missing textures? Is this a bug or am I missing something when building my executables?


Hi @M4A1CID,

Did you export the assets to the engine before running in release?

  • To update the assets for the release build, you’ll need to export the level to engine. File->Export to Engine.
    Let me know if that works or not.

I’ve done that and it’s still missing textures on the particle. Here’s a picture of my exported level

and even running ‘BuildSamplesProject_Paks_PC.bat’

Hi @M4A1CID, did this issue get resolved after upgrading to a newer version of Lumberyard?