[1.6] Projector light: light does not shine anymore when camera is a certain distance away?

Hi, I created a projector light and when viewing a lit object in editor, the light will turn off when you are viewing that object at a certain angle and with light entity is out of sight. If the object is in the projector light’s FOV, there is no issue.

Hey @sdfsdffdsf,

The projector light type only affects the area that is under the
projection cone, if you turn outside the area covered by the cone, there will be no light.

We might suggest activating the SVOGI feature under RoolupBar>Terrain Editing > Environment > Total
Illumination v2. That will get your objects evenly lit.


Or your can create an Environment Probe from Create Tab in the RollupBar >
Misc > Environment Probe to create a cubemap. This will give you better lighting especially for
reflective objects.


Let me know if this helps or not.