[1.6 Release] DistanceClouds shader render just half 360 texture


I observed that DistanceClouds shader render just half 360 texture in Release Build (simple distance clouds). Bottom half is blue:

In Sandbox it’s works correctly (it’s shows full texture).

Do you have any idea how to fix it ?


What does the alpha channel of your tif look like? Try copying the Gem materials and/or attributes, looks like you have some non-standard settings in there.


What is your material applied to?

Hi @andrewg, thank you for clarification, as I see the problem is the same even for clouds from gems (for e.g. you can see distanceclouds2 material applied to my sphere which each normals have directed inside):

Do you have any other ideas ? Maybe some environment settings ? Something with ocean or fog rendering ?

you found a Solution !!! I setup ToD but e_TimeOfDay cannot be changed in Release ( I works in Editor with different time so my settings was different. Currently I setup this through Time:TimeOfDay flow node and everything works fine. The fog disappears). Thank you !

@andrewg I attached this material to 3533-envirionment-sphere.zip (12.8 KB)envirionment-sphere.zip object loaded as GeomEntity equally scalled 200 times placed at origin in scene (0,0,0).

Not sure which setting you’re looking for specifically, but you need to modify the Time Of Day settings (click “Toggle Advanced Properties” first). Look at the Fog settings.