[1.6] Undo/redo does not work properly

I’ve been using the designer tool to build objects. the type of object does not matter; sometimes undoing or redoing will work nonlinearly or simply not affect certain objects. sometimes objects are displaced to where they were never placed. this has happened consistently.

pictured above: a faint outline of stairs (next to the solid stairs) which should have been undone but were not. they cannot be removed using the undo tool.

We’ve seen some reports of this happening. Does the problem still persist after you close and relaunch the editor?

yes, and with a few other interesting issues as well.

original geometry:

adding stairs:

I decide to undo this once:

I press undo a second time:

third undo, it goes back to original geometry, at least for this one. but I expect this issue is a part of the larger problem, and can probably somehow cause objects not to be undoable.

this is repeatable, and it corrupts in the same way every time if the stair placement is the same. it corrupts differently if I connect stairs to other parts. I’ve also done this with other designer objects, though it isn’t as consistent as with the stairs.

Thanks for confirming. I’ve filed a ticket with this issue and your steps/images.