[1.6] Vec3 normalize doesn't work when used in Flowgraph module?

Hi, I wanted to make a module that outputs the direction between 2 positions. Testing it on a flowgraph works. However, when I pack it into a flowgraph module, the output is (0,0,0).

Here’s the comparison between the 2 different methods I used:

Here’s my flowgraph module:

And here’s the output:


Hi @sdfsdffdsf,

Try the following steps:

  1. Remove the connection between the “Start” port of your “Start_distance_check” node and the “Success” port of your “End_distance_check” node.
  2. Connect the “out” port of the “NormalizeVec3” node with the “Success” port of the “End_distance_check” node.
    It should look like the following:


Warning: Please do not connect the “Start” port directly to the “Success” port. If that connection is made, the system can’t execute all nodes, because the direct path between the “Start” and “Success” nodes is faster executed, and therefore finished, than the other nodes in another path.

Thanks! Didn’t thought of this.