[] No classes could be found that derive from "InputSubComponent"?

Don’t know why I am getting this but I am trying to get input working and everytime I hit the “+” on the Event Generators, it pops up with that error.

Tutorials don’t really go into detail on HOW to set up input from scratch except to just load one that is already created.

Any information on the proper way to get input up and running?

EDIT: Ok, retract my statement that the tuts dont go into detail. This does go into detail but I am not getting the “Class to create” prompt.

Hey @alatnet — sorry for the troubles! Glad you found a tutorial on creating inputbindings. I’m curious — when you get to the Step 2.10 in Tutorial: Component Basics 07 — Input Component, can you try using [Alt + Tab] but keep Alt held down after hitting Tab to see if there is a stray lumberyard window?


Nope, fresh start of the editor to hitting the “+” on the event generator causes the error above.

Should also note that clicking the game controller icon to create a new input bindings doesnt create a new input binding file, or even prompt to create a new one, and the input bindings editor, when provided an input bindings file, doesnt save the file.

Yep, that was it.

Thank you.

@alatnet Just to clarify, you have both the “Input Management Framework” AND the “Starting Point Input” Gems enabled? The Input class in @Aman_LY 's example is in Starting Point Input:


Once the Gem is enabled, “Input” should be the only option.