18 fps with intel hd 4600

I am getting roughtly18 fps on an empty viewport with intel hd 4600, 12 gb ram, 3.20 GHz given its the only open app on windows 10 even if I waited 20 mins after its done loading. Is this normal?

Hello @peterManshock23, seeing this kind of framerate on your 4600 is not totally unexpected. Performance on integrated chipsets like the Intel HD 4600 is not going to give you the same FPS you would get out of a dedicated GPU. Lumberyard’s minimum system specifications recommend a 2+ GB DX11+ compatible video card or higher to achieve a desirable FPS.

You might be able to improve your FPS by reducing a few rendering options in the settings. Also, there are a variety of post processing effects that could be disabled as well to gain some extra performance, such as r_ssdo=0, r_ssreflections=0, e_tessellation=0.

I hope this helps, please let us know if you have any more questions.