3rd Person Camera - 3rd Person Zoom Aim - "Script Canvas ONLY"

Hello Everyone!

I’m looking for a tutorial on how to make a 3rd person camera from scratch in script canvas.
I know about using “Rin” and “JACK” scripts. I want to learn how to build a fully functional camera in script canvas. I already have a partial solution that doesn’t work completely. So I’m looking for how to properly set up the camera. I’m been through all of the clunky methods already.

I also wouldn’t mind a suggestion on the proper way to move and jump a human character using PhysX. I have a character moving, but I really need the best practices or at least the most flexible methods.

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1.22 was supposed to have physx examples. But they didn’t include it like they said they would. It’s just another example of Lumberyard team telling us one thing and doing another. They don’t really care about their users.

Sorry for the late response, I held off creating something like this when I heard one was coming, 1.22 was suppose to have one yes, but it got left out and im sure it was for a reason or a complete accident I plan on taking some deep dives into intermediate controllers this year and when LY drops there system it will be all the better.