4 errors on load of level in 1.14

I am getting 4 warnings on a level created in LY, possibly 1.13 not sure, anyway I need help figuring out if these are severe or can be safely ignored:

[ 1] [System] $6[Warning] d:\ly\workspace\PKG_v1_14\dev\Code\Sandbox\Editor\Terrain\RGBLayer.cpp(733): Assertion failed - “0” Object=“Cloud4” [Object: Cloud4]

[ 9] [System] Cannot find Central Directory Record in pak. This is either not a pak file, or a pak file without Central Directory. It does not mean that the data is permanently lost, but it may be severely damaged. Please repair the file with external tools, there may be enough information left to recover the file completely. Object=“Cloud4” [Object: Cloud4]

[ 3] [System] Could not open file in binary mode for reading Object=“Cloud4” [Object: Cloud4]

[ 2] [System] XML reader: Can’t open file () Object=“Cloud1” [Object: Cloud1]

Thx anyone

I wish there were more people on these forums that could, once in a blue moon, actually answer questions ?

There used to be, now they have disappeared, or is there a funding problem for LY ?