A consumer of an Event aware on how to retrieve relevant data ... a business model barrier?

Actually we have only Event script with a small payload to be sent, that excludes for example containers like a map.

But a consumer of an Event should know/be aware on how to retrieve relevant data from other sources, like with big containers.

It seems that it misses a kind of component to do it (like a kind of database component) ?

And we don’t have the possibilty to do it directly through globals for example.

I only see actually to make it with the need to communicate back to the event producer entity, so we’ll need to create new event producers in our consumer entity and new consumers in our firstly producer entity to handle this kind of database query.

This could lead to a significant increase in the number of events and complexity.

What could be the best and easyest way to do it ?

It’s now reasonable to think that if there’s no answer about several questions about global variables in this forum, it’s because we’re at the border with Amazon services, that is in occurence the AWS Data Exchange … through the fundamental introduction to building games on AWS using Amazon Lumberyard (free course e-learning training), it describes well the architectural benefits of integrating Lumberyard with other AWS services and should perhaps be the first step to take before using Lumberyard. I’m sorry I didn’t follow it from the beginning :roll_eyes:

Hi @Didier,

It depends what your goals are, DynamoDB is a good place for global data storage if you need the data cloud based, which is often the case in many games nowadays. A client side system for persistent storage of user settings can be found in the SaveData gem, this is useful for things such as Save Games.

If you need transient data storage that only lasts throughout the game or simulation session you can use Script Canvas with Script Events. You create an entity that works as the storage and has a Script Canvas graph that receives notifications of value updates through Script Events, you use these to update your variables or request their values.

Hopefully one of these methods is useful for your goals, for me the best situation would be a “Persistent Data” gem that provides all of these services in a convenient location, unfortunately we don’t have something like that at the moment.

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Hi Luis @LS1 , could it be possible in scipt canvas to use the Mesh of an Entity as a way to R/W global data ?