A link between Lumberyard and the Amazon Rekognition

Does Lumberyard team have any plans to make a link between Lumberyard and the Amazon Rekognition … making us easy to add image and video analysis inside Lumberyard game engine ?

Lumberyard has the components to make calls to any AWS service (inc setting up your credentials etc) but has no specific Rekognition components AFAIK.

Can you expand on your use case at little? What are you trying to do and you interested in mostly real time video or image or both?

Pretty easy to write the pieces to snaphot to S3 and then invoke Lambda/Rekognition for image analysis.

For video you’d have to look at integrating the https://docs.aws.amazon.com/kinesisvideostreams/latest/dg/producer-sdk-cpp.html Kinesis video stream client. I will ask around to see if anyone has done / attempted this wrt Lumberyard.

Thanks for answer @Pip.
In short, I am interested on virtual/real time video captured from the camera into a scene in Lumberyard … so to use a kind of Rekognition component applied on a video stream.
Thus a kind of virtual real time video producer used with Rekognition.