A suggestion: Environment tutorials


One of the great strengths of Lumberyard is its ability to provide for large, open environments, with features like weather-effect gems, day/night cycle, dynamic GI, and so on. I think it would be great if you created some really in-depth tutorial series on building beautiful, natural environments. I think this focus would make a lot of sense, and help to distinguish Lumberyard from other engines, as well as increase its appeal to developers of those types of games.

Among some recent releases, I could imagine games like Elex, Greedfall, and The Outer Worlds, as having been good candidates for Lumberyard. I think that a focus on teaching devs how to build such levels with Lumberyard could be a very effective strategy - it would certainly make it more interesting to us.

For example:

  • Water simulation, including oceans and shorelines, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, rapids, etc.
  • Detailed tutorials on skies, clouds, weather conditions and lighting, times of day, etc.
  • An extensive series on how to use the procedural placement tools to good effect.
  • How to use LODs and imposters efficiently to maintain performance in large landscapes, while still looking good.

Where other engines have the advantage of large asset stores to provide for some of these things out of the box, in practice these are often quite limiting and not very easy to integrate. I think that by providing really extensive tutorials and resources for demonstrating Lumberyard’s capabilities for creating natural environments, from the ground up, you could help it to stand out in the market as a strong choice for those types of games.


This is great, will log this already have a series planned for vegetation and some of the others, so definitely keep an eye on my channel as well as the official lumberyard!.

@TheDevShop nice one sir!
We also have a set around lighting, time of day, and vegetation and other environmental starting points. Dynamic Vegetation will be right behind.

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lighting and time of day will be huge!.

Great to hear the tutorial guys are keen on covering this stuff. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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