A way to apply a matchmaking for a party

Hi All

I’m tracking down how to apply a matchmaking for a party into my project. There is a document including it for a party. However, It’s not enough like a picture below.

So how can I implement it?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @mskiller2000,

As part of the matchmaking algorithm, GameLift sometimes needs to compare matchmaking tickets based on an attribute defined in the rule set. For example, if we get a matchmaking ticket with multiple players (a party) and then tickets with a single player on each, PlayerAggregation defines how we reduce the party players’ attributes to a single value for comparison. Note that this is an advanced feature and most developers would find it sufficient to use the default setting (avg) for PlayerAggregation.

For example, a “min” setting means “use the lowest player’s value to represent the party for comparison”. “Avg” (the default) means “use the party’s average attribute value for comparison”

If you want a certain set of players to end up in the same party, simply submit all of them on the same matchmaking ticket. See https://docs.aws.amazon.com/gamelift/latest/apireference/API_StartMatchmaking.html for more information.

Thank you very much RoundCat and I remember you helped me before. Anyway that’s good idea and I’ll track it down.