About the cost of using only flexmatch.

I will put the game server on the regular ec2, not gamelift’s fleet.

After setting only the matchmaker without the fleet,

I will subscribe to the events of the docs as aws-sns.

( http://docs.aws.amazon.com/gamelift/latest/developerguide/match-events.html )

(using a FlexMatch and a match queue without the fleet.)

It is expected that the cost of using gamelift will not be incurred.

Does this approach violate the game lift’s terms of use?

Hey @game-lift

I’m sorry, but at this time Amazon GameLift may only be used for hosting game servers; you may not use features of Amazon GameLift for other uses such as standalone matchmaking. That said, we would like talk to you offline to see if we can help. If you would post the ID of your Queue, we’ll look up the email address associated with your AWS account and get in touch.

Matchmaker! Thank you for responding to the question.

If the queue you are talking about is a gamelift queue,

the id is: arn:aws:gamelift:ap-northeast-2:349784333042:gamesessionqueue/power-queue. (Only for testing purposes.)

If you give me an email, I will ask you additional questions.

I’m waiting for your contact.