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Yooooo, thanks @lmbr_Saulty! I got a few to share. I think I’ll share a link and maybe post a picture or three. I’ve made some new 3D objects and want to share with the community. My first one is The DeathSkull. This started out as a Skull sculpture that I made. I got some influence from that movie Enemy Mine (great movie btw) and I wanted to see if I could create a skull like one of those aliens in the movie. I also was able to import it into Lumberyard. As a side note, you can import to engine, just make sure you convert your object to .fbx format. I got some pictures of my sculpture and the below link is for a video I threw together when I imported the .fbx version of the object into Lumberyard.

My model by JMoney187 on Sketchfab