Access to Crucible source code to learn Lumberyard

Now that Crucible is retired, will we have access to its source code to understand how to build a game with Lumberyard?

Crucible is a working high-budget game so its source code could teach us about game mechanics in Lumberyard.

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Also, if Amazon is going to pull the plug on Lumberyard, please do so quickly, so people don’t waste their time.

Ah man that sucks. I really hope that’s not what is happening. I hope this isn’t why John left. Did he see the writing on the wall? Is Lumberyard going under? PLEASE NO!

You are absolutely wrong, I see the lumberyard team from afar, which is very busy with a big update again , please do not worry, they have come a long way successfully, they do not stop, I believe maybe maybe cryengine will be privatized, but lumberyard will continue, please you do not hurry, there was training before dear John, and after he, I think , staffs will continue training/video tutorials, tighten your belt, this is an unofficial message from me and I have been here for many years :wink:

You can believe what you like, but you have no basis to give assurances. Anyone with half a clue can see there are very worrying signs around Amazon games division.

Breakaway - failed and cancelled. Crucible - failed and cancelled. New World - repeatedly delayed and not doing well. Lumberyard mired in development hell for five years without even reaching a final release. Repeated departures, layoffs, and reshuffles.

I’m really not interested in being told to we’re “absolutely wrong” to be concerned.

THIS IS NORMAL , Changing the game’s DNA takes a lot of time, they lumberyard team definitely have a roadmap, cryengine 5.x is obsolete since 2014, S2Engine is obsolete from 2014, Autodesk stingray is obsolete in 2016,Unreal Engine 4 is very heavy and the output is very time consuming and bulky. Only very high and expensive graphics cards run Unreal Engine 5 , also Unity has become very complicated and it has become very difficult to work with, and all companies have many problems and they have to solve them :slightly_smiling_face:

The ramblings of amateur Amazon apologists spouting assertions, whataboutery, and PR talk, are of no consequence to the situation.

Plus, don’t forget that CryEngine 3 was a flawed and complex engine that Amazon bought, the CryEngine 3 was really flawed and complicated because the code was written like a maze and the components had no role in cryengine 3 , More than 60% of CRYENGINE 3 code in LUMBERYARD have been removed, I guess Solution Manager have, new plans that must be implemented to see those solutions, we see that 1.25 had a really good result, I even before 1.25 I could not make a simple and small game with script canvas, but now it is really good and 1.26 is ready, I respect your comments, but I try to tell the truth, of course, There are still problems, but this path continues and it is possible to solve them :slightly_smiling_face: These images show good changes in the next version :point_down:

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Personally, I have seen very good changes in lumberyard 1.25 & 1.26 because I have been with them since 2016.

With the utmost respect
:pray: :slightly_smiling_face: :rose:

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Hey Feline78,
so I’ve talk with one of the customer service associate of amazon games. Here what I got currently the game is still up and running till the actual date that it will retire so it isn’t retired yet so the plan for releasing the asset are not quite yet. I have given them our request and the will escalate it to the developer on the information.

Here a snippet of the conversation

“what I can do for you is to escalate this directly to the developers and let them know that people like you are waiting for more information about the future of the game and all of it features”

Any information and news regarding making the asset of crucible readily available for us developer will be posted in the Crucible main page.


I believe amazon lumberyard can be an amazing game engine.
and it feels like the amazon team developing and handling the features and development are going in the right track.
Also no need to be pessimistic. People are not wasting their time with amazon lumberyard.
They are investing their time on lumberyard and in general game development.
so far the team developing and maintaining amazon lumberyard has been quite transparent with me.
I really do believe that amazon can and will make amazon lumberyard great :smile:

I’m with you on this in that I think it doesn’t look very good. It seems like things are really ratcheting down at Amazon Game Studios and if that’s due to Lumberyard development holding things back then I can definitely see Lumberyard getting the nix. However, Amazon certainly has enough money to keep a little project like lumberyard development afloat just for the hell of it or maybe even just because the higher ups forgot about it because I doubt, even if it is leaking money, it’s probably not leaking it to any worrisome degree relatively speaking.

Hi all,

Thanks for the interest in Crucible and AWS Game Studio in general and while the game may be shutting down, rest assured that Lumberyard is continuing its development and not going away.


Amazon Wants to ‘Win at Games.’ So Why Hasn’t It?

I can almost smell the management. :smile:

According to posts on the Crucible forums, Lumberyard isn’t a part of the games group. That would make sense since they have other customers beyond Amazon. Your comment sounds like ‘Amazon’s Fire phone failed so the kindle OS that the phone was built on is also a failure and kindle is dead’.

I actually came back to the forums after a long time after reading this article -

I downloaded 1.26 over the weekend and was pleasantly surprised. The engine has come a long way. Its not quite a Unity or Unreal but its great to see a new entrant in the market improving that quickly. I don’t know you about you, but I remember how long Unreal took to get good. A VERY LONG TIME. It sounds like you have made your choice. Well, good for you. Move along then. Why be a troll and thread crap?


That’s true. I remember the days of UDK… and boy, that was a mess compared to unreal engine now.

Facts! Amazon is doing quite good and has a strong community backing them.
Hopefully they continue strong on the game engine.
@Zaphod_Beeblebrox Your lashing out when the game engine is still on beta which make no sense.

I don’t know what this is about. The fact that some teams do not cope with their projects and do not bring them to perfection - does not depend on the engine. The engine is very good from an out-of-sight point of view. Your claim is baseless. Lumberyard has everything to make a good game

if you have the knowledge, you could build your own engine that could do everything. But GameEngine Frameworks should provide the features, so the game devs could focus on the game, not to try to learn how to change the engine to get the feature that they need. Many people with ideas, come from a non programmer background, so they want to use ScriptCanvas to create a game. But to be honest, ScriptCanvas gives you enough to build a litte game without much complexity. You even don’t have the ability to save your game.

I’m pretty sure that’s on their agenda. I’ve had one of the devs say they logged it and he’s going to open up SaveData gem for script canvas when he gets time. It’s not being overlooked.