Accessing Starter Game in Lumberyard Beta 1.11

In the Lumberyard Beta 1.11 welcome screen, the Starter Game project is not listed by default. To access the Starter Game Sample follow these steps.

  • 1.Launch the editor. We see the Welcome Screen. From here, click the “Open level…” button.
  • 2.The “Open a Level” dialog will appear.
  • 5596-startergame-02.png
  • .Expand the Levels folder and you will find the StarterGame level. Double-click on it, or select it and click “Open” to open the level.
  • 5597-startergame-03.png
    This will load the Starter Game sample project.

I do not see , this 3 pictures , looks like do not exist this pictures on the server :wink:

Thank you so much , I downloaded that , a few minutes ago , you & your team are the best :slight_smile:

Sorry for the troubles @AhmadKarami — hopefully this is a temporary issue. Just in case, here’s a PDF version of this forum post with image. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: (404 KB)