Accessing variables from another entity in script canvas


I’m new to the engine and very interested to the fact that this might be the best engine to build multiplayer games.

I’m currently checking out the script canvas, not sure if I miss anything but trying to make global variable seems impossible through script canvas at the moment? Or is there any plan to make variables as an entity’s component instead and exposable to other entity (make it accessible). I’m stuck at trying to make an entity being able to manipulate other entity, so commonly this is just straight forward by using global variable. Imagine an entity did a certain action and it buff/debuff other entity without interaction through trigger, that is the situation I’m trying get past atm.

PS: I’m not making games with LY at the moment, just testing stuff. I’m new to ECS as well.

@PotatoMaster Sorry im late on responding, but at the moment there isnt a way to access other scripts or script canvases or even send messages to one, for gameplay purposes…tho a method is in the works im told and we should have it a few updates down the line,

Since you are testing things out you should get used to a hybrid workflow for now since…using SC and then lua for the things SC cant do atm…hope that helps

Hi @PotatoMaster and @Cstudios15

to script canvas node base system, I found a good way Last year at the link below
, I’m sorry for delay , I responded your question

and much more great tips for script canvas , If you are interested, please refer to the link below

and here :slight_smile:

good news : I want to create great video tutorials for script canvas in lumberyard 1.18 , coming soon

Stay tuned

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