Add a new super feature to Script Canvas

Hi lumberyard team,

I have plans to create tools at the design stage, and I really need this feature, The nodes do not run at Run-time only, At the time of designing the stage, these nodes also run , This feature is very important.

is it possible add this super feature that I run nodes at script canvas in Editor Time? I mean , I want run nodes in editor time & runtime (both) on the base OnTick node , etc , I saw , nodes run only in runtime (not editor time) , I hope you understand what I mean.

Thank you

Ahmad Karami

this feature is related to power level designer tool , example :

I want change a number var for show different tables & chairs, When the number is 1, the chair model 1, when the number 2, the chair model 2 and number 3, table model 3 and up to the end …