Add area trigger to a moving prefab

I want to add an area trigger to a controller to see if anything is in the area. How can I attach the area trigger so it is moving with the controller?

Hey @silentchurch,

Have you tried to link the area trigger as a child to something in your controller prefab? The Link Object tool should let you achieve something like this. You can do this by clicking on the Link Object tool, click and drag from your area trigger, and then drag on top and release on top of the part of your controller you want it to follow.

It’s a bit tricky to do it with the area trigger, but you’ll know that the link tool is working when you see a line being drawn from the area trigger and following your mouse cursor until you release the left mouse button on another object. Then all you would need to do is adjust the position and size of the trigger, which adjusting the position can be done by selecting the move tool and resetting the X,Y,Z to 0 near the bottom of the Editor.