Add to SimpleAnimationComponentBus SetLayerWeight()

Will be nice if Lumberyard Team add to SimpleAnimationComponentBus SetLayerWeight() like SetPlaybackSpeed() :slight_smile:

Thanks @Anatoliy! That’s a great suggestion. I’ve added it to the feature request log in case it’s not already in there.

Thank you @Binky and thank to Lumberyard Team, best regards.

Hey @Anatoliy, here is some info from the team:

There are existing docs covering Ebuses, as well as Ebus conventions around components:

Customers should feel comfortable adding new events to existing Ebuses, since it’s really just adding a new function to an interface.

Also, they are looking at getting this specific request added.

I have done it as learning exercise and took 10 minutes to figure everything out and it seems indeed very trivial, but i cannot test it today to confirm.

however there is something i didn’ get .

as other function in the same file I wrote

	SimpleAnimationComponentRequests::Result SimpleAnimator::SetLayerBlendWeight(AnimatedLayer::LayerId layerId, float weight)
if (m_activeAnimatedLayerManager && m_activeAnimatedLayerManager->IsLayerActive(layerId))
ICharacterInstance* character = m_activeAnimatedLayerManager->GetCharacter();
if (character)
character->GetISkeletonAnim()->SetLayerBlendWeight(layerId, weight);
return SimpleAnimationComponentRequests::Result::Failure;

as other function always returns a failure I returned a failure too.why no function implements the success path?Is it wrong if I trivially add succes just after all the skeleton anim api calls?

I have modified the engine code but I wander if there are any preferred way to add functionalities like these in a more modular way(es with inheritance) .

Hey @Gamely, great find. I’ve reported this to the team and they have verified that there was indeed an error in the code. This has been fixed and should roll out in the next update.