Add Two Feature -Slice Procedural Mesh && Destructible Mesh

Hi lumberyard team,

Please Add Two Feature to lumberyard with names Slice Procedural Mesh and Destructible Mesh

please check out this videos :

Destructible Mesh

Slice Procedural Mesh

Thanks a lot

Ok cool, but why?!?In the ue4 userbase there is this tendency to go too much in the proof of concept route loosing focus on production ready things.Production ready techniques can be totally trivial and fake an yet be far more effective in any possible way.Please look more at the fundamentals. If your core gameplay mechanic is really based on something like these you should do a custom implementation anyway if not go fake all the way.

Thank you Gamely , Are you agree with me?? if this 2 feature will implement in future inside lumberyard exmple lumberyard 1.15 , It is great , well , i just sent my suggestions :slight_smile:

I do not understand why they removed the destructible objects. After all, it was earlier in the CryEngine 3, they have Entity for the DestroyableObject.

I think , Lumberyard team want performance & improve tools :wink: