Adding FlowGraphs to Entities

1.3 removed the FlowGraph component (that did not work yet anway).
You are now able to add a FlowGraph by right clicking the entity and adding the FlowGraph on the “old way”.

Unfortunatly, this FlowGraph never activates or ‘does something’.
The Game:Start node does not trigger the output (debug mode acativated) and therefore, the script logic never gets executed.

Edit: The FG works with the new entity system, however the debugger does not.

The FG system still works for the old entities from the Rollup Bar tho.
There seems to be a work around but then you have to get the Entity by name (with the corresponding node) which makes the whole FlowGraph unreusable.

Is that something that will be taken care of soon?

Found that:

The whole flow graph component is like there and all but the reflection part for the component rollup bar is missing.