Adding Mixamo Assests

Hello Every one , Iam new here:)

i have a little question

can i add mixmao models and animations into my game in Amazon Lumberyard

in CryEngine we had to make many many many thinks that cause a headache

like (Renaming bones , Exporting , etc…) so should i do the same thing ?


yes, it is definitely possbile to import Mixamo characters and animations in LY. The process should be the same as for CryEngine. I used CryBlend and was able to import skeletons, animations and skins without too much hassle. The process is even pretty quick after you have done it a few times. I still have some problems with the skinning though (especially with the characters’ hands), so maybe I missed a step.

Can you point me to directions to do this?

Hey @jeromeleegriffin, check this section of the docs out and see if that gets you anywhere.

You can use Lumbermixalot.

It is a python addon for Blender 2.8. Use it to import Mixamo characters & animations into Lumberyard.

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