Adding pitch, yaw, and roll to the Tank Basic Sample


I’m relatively new to Lumberyard. I’m playing around with the tank sample here. I’ve modified the terrain by creating a few small hills. While driving the tank up the hills, the tank’s z-position updates properly - and magically, I might add. I suppose the Player Physics are handling this behind the scenes?

Regardless, the tank doesn’t tilt properly when going up inclines. How would I go about changing the tank so that it stays perpendicular to the normal of the terrain?


I have some additional information: The Script Canvas Tutorial may be a step in the right direction. I’ve replaced the ball from that tutorial with a barrel. Since that tutorial uses ridged body physics instead of player physics, my entity interacts with terrain properly except when I’m moving it. So, for example, if I attempt to move over a mountain in the terrain, my entity will go into the mountain until I release the movement button, then it will pop back up and settle on the terrain. Is the Move Entity module in the script canvas tutorial disabling ridged body physics during the movement?


I would also be interested in the information Bret is asking for…