Adding Screen Space Post Processing

I wonder is there a feature to add post processing effects to the screen and how?

I searched all the documentation and found nothing.

Effects like color correction, chromatic abberation, bloom, motion blur, film grain, etc…

I wonder how to add those effects? Please help.

Update: I have found some post processing in the HDR section of the Environment Editor but there is still no chromatic abberation or film grain.

If someone experienced in screen space shader programming what language lumberyard uses for screen space shaders?

Time of Day tool is where you will find different postprocessing properties including film grain.

hi! you also could try use PostEffectGroup from ScriptCanvas
*step-1 enable gem for your project

*step-2 rebuild engine

lmbr_waf configure
lmbr_waf build_win_x64_vs2017_profile -p game_and_engine

*step-3 make posteffect file

default PostEffect file placed are here - C:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Engine\Libs\PostEffectGroups\Default.xml

*step-4 make SC with certain effect or group effect

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thank you @fluffy I will check what you mentioned I appreciate your help you seem experienced with lumberyard I will do my best to learn and help the community meanwhile let’s make games! :slight_smile: