Adding the Amazon GameLift Plugin to Unreal Engine?

I was in the process of adding my amazon gamelift plugin to unreal engine by following this guide:

I was on the last step, I have the plugin but how do I add it to Unreal Engine? Also, how do I setup the dependecies. Sorry if I don’t know much, I am pretty new to this.


Hi @RedBallG,

To add a plugin to a Unreal Game project, you need to copy its content under the ‘Plugins’ folder of your game. If GameLift is the only plugin used by your game, you might have to create the ‘Plugins’ folder.
Found this post which might be helpful too:

To setup the dependencies, you simply need to copy the libraries created when you built the server sdk over to your plugin folder. The specifics are described at number 3.

Now that you have the plugin content at the right place, you’ll want to tell Unreal that you are using the plugin. You do that in two steps, which are described in 4.b and 4.c.

I hope this helps!

Thanks! That helps!