After Effects and Lumberyard

Recently, I’ve been looking at getting Trapcode Suite for After Effects to make marketing materials for my new startup, as I would prefer to experiment rather than pay someone else to make them. In looking at tutorials, I then discovered individual frames of a particle animation could be exported as a spreadsheet with Sheetah, to render in Unreal Engine and Unity.

Though I know you can import textures to Lumberyard, can you import these frame-spreadsheets, and how would I go about doing it? If not, however, I think the feature would allow users greater flexibility in making new particles for the engine.


These frame-spreadsheets are commonly called atlased textures or a texture atlas. The good news is that they are supported in Lumberyard’s Particle Editor.

The basic setup is as follows:

  1. For the texture parameter, choose your atlased texture.
  2. Tiles X is how many images your altased texture has on the x axis. Set this to match your texture.
  3. Tiles Y is how many images your altased texture has on the y axis. Set this to match your texture.
  4. Anim Frames Count is set to the number of images in your atlased texture. For example if you had Tiles X set to 5 and Tiles Y set to 6, this number would be 30.
  5. Set Anim Framerate.
  6. Experiement with the other settings to get the desired result.
    I hope this helps you out, let me know and good luck creating effects!