AI System feedback

I got to say Amazon Lumberyard is shaping to be an amazing game engine and it still in beta, like what?! Well done amazon lumberyard team on making an amazing engine.

Here are a few feedback on the AI system of lumberyard

The ai system need to take more of a functional approach

pseudo code for script canvas and lumberyard program languages

FindPathToEntity.When(condition to determine player in range).Where(EntityTag == “Player”).And(a boolean condition ex. when player is in fov).Except(Player.level == 20).After(condition for player dead).Or(player is unreachable condition).Stop().Wait(.3f).FindPathToPosition(the walk path)


the Behavior tree look quite daunting since there isn’t and debugging to the xml file and it xml so it hard to know where the behavior tree is traversing. A Editor for the Behavior tree would be amazing.
Like what Kythera done

A nav area link would be an amazing feature where navigation can traverse on nav area that are not interconnected, such as cliff, etc.

Hi @khalid

I already reported this AI issue and Other issues :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome stuff! didn’t see your post. :slight_smile:
I hope the AI system get improved.
Wow I’ve have read your review and they are quite amazing :smile :

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@khalid Thank you :blush: :rose: