Amazon Discord

Hey everyone!

This is a discord for the game engine Amazon Lumberyard, not Amazon. If you have a question about Amazon or Amazon Web Services, please contact amazon’s support team. If you join looking for support with say Prime, you will be forwarded this message as there is no support for these services in this discord.

The old discord, the owner has chosen to abandoned it and not support Lumberyard, so I thought I would make one with more support and all.

The channel has all sections need and can be requested for more channels if a desire is in need of that channel being made. If you are Lumberyard Staff and join the channel, Ping me so I can setup your perms for the discord.

Feel free to join and let the conversation start!

When you join, please read the message from the Bot and on how to join.


I think having official supported discord channel is great. Discord becomes a very nice tool to fast communication between community members.

I am part of multiple discord communities, be it Unity or Unreal, a lot of very helpful people there :).

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Great Idea! I’m for it.

I just joined. Good to see more people using lumberyard. :slight_smile:

Oh hey, this is pretty cool. +1 lurker

Bump to Put High in List. Server has 80 Active Members already!

When Joining, please read all the rules as well as the welcome message from the Bot. Breaking any rules will result in punishment. The Bot is there to help build a community of Lumberyard Devs, rather those looking for support for say, Prime and other services unrelated to the engine. Note this server is not affiliated with Amazon, so we do not allow multi languages as we are unable to read and moderate those languages, so English only. By doing this, we are not racist, we are not breaking rules, its the Community Server Rules. It does not break any laws, as its out own channel rules. When joining, please do not start Drama and arguments on this. By doing so, you will be kicked and if continued, you will be banned as its breaking the Rules.
This channel is ment to be a Friendly Welcome, calm, and support channel run by the Community. If your looking to help moderate, please send Me a PM when connected to the server.

Bump to push higher for newer members.
If your Lumberyard Staff, Ping me so i can set your roles (Currently there are 2).

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Server has been fully updated.
A new Auto-Role system has been added to allow for users to self assign support roles.
The Rules also have been fully rewritten, with new things added, some removed and some edited.

Currently on the list to do is:
Rebuild the Welcome/Verify System
If possible auto post on new Version releases
If Possible Link Github to the Server.

Link seems to be down, could I get a new one?

Try this one:

I cant seem to edit post, but, here is the link

The Lumberyard Server continues to get updates and continues to grow. We now have 11 Lumberyard Staff and Devs who have joined the Community on the server.

Why not join, and see where your creativity brings you with the world of Lumberyard!!