Amazon GameLift Server SDK Update

Amazon GameLift Developers!

We have heard your feedback, and
today we are excited to announce that we have released an updated server SDK
that is compatible with the latest versions of Unity and Unreal game engines,
along with Visual Studio 2017. Amazon GameLift server SDK version 3.3.0
is now compatible with Unity 2018 and Unreal 4.21 and continues to support
earlier versions. In addition, as of today’s release, you can now integrate
Amazon GameLift into games using Visual Studio 15 2017 as well.

We also made some improvements
along the way. We fixed a number of bugs, and you will find that error
messages are hopefully more useful. Finally, our Unreal plug-in also
contains the StartMatchBackfill API directly for you to consume.

You can download the latest SDK here.