AMD Radeon instead of NVIDIA's

I am required to install NVAPI from Nvidia but my PC has AMD Radeon.

So what to do?

The NVAPI is for nvidia specific features for direct driver/gpu control that dx/opengl doesnt allow. It doesnt matter that you have an AMD gpu.

Thanks for the reply but,

You mean i can download it and use? right?

I have a Radeon too. When I run the lmbr_waf configure it says NVAPI not found. So I went over to NV developer to download this API but it requires registration. I guess I’ll just search for NVAPI dependency and remove it from configure.

Do this simple change in dev\LumberyardLauncherConfig.json at line 316:

“optional” : 1, instead of “optional” : 0,

I was successfully able to generate the LumberyardSDK.sln after that.

Hi @AnomalousEntity and @alsharefee

Be careful! I really wouldn’t just set nvapi as optional if I was you. The only reason its not already in the 3rdparty code is we are not allowed to distribute the nvapi, so you just download it from nvidia, its free. True there is a registration, but its free. Disabling it is not a good idea, its not marked as optional for a reason. It is used by the engine and if you disable it, portions of the engine may not compile or run correctly.

Note: Lumberyard Launcher beta says it wants r343 installed in the 3rdparty/nvapi/r343/ folder. I checked and it seems r343 was just removed from nvidia’s site… :frowning: So I tested a work around and it seems to work for me. Download the new r361 and put its files in the 3rdparty/nvapi/r343 and it should work. We are currently updating this.

Yes you can.

As a data point, the registration process was very simple, completely online, didn’t cost anything, etc. Well, when I did it yesterday. Not sure if that helps you though. :wink:

Yeah, that’s what I did too. Grabbed r361, and put them in an r343 folder. (tried an r361 folder first, but that didn’t work)

would probably be more optimal for Lumberyard dependency checking bit to accept whatever version is found under 3rdparty/nvapi/ (or the highest version found there, if several are installed), instead of this kind of dodgy workaround. :slight_smile:

Looking at CryEngine code - they’re using ifdefs for NVAPI but not everywhere such as stereo rendering. Why would anyone want to even call NVAPI on a system with a AMD GPU is beyond me. This would just lead to some context fail disaster as there’s no Nvidia GPU present on my system. Although they do have AGS code but they don’t seem to check properly whether a system has an Nvidia or AMD GPU.

Thank you