An error occurred after an incorrect computer shutdown

in my apartment the light was unexpectedly turned off when I was working on the location … now I started the engine to continue working and then there was an error, very strange and terrible …


how to solve it? I have no ideas …

also the standard terrain texture is gone, a checkerboard texture with a grid.


How do I return the default texture?

All the run-time assets for your project are stored in a cache. It sounds like the cache database and possibly one or more assets got corrupted when your power went out.

  1. Exit the editor and shut down Asset Processor. In your system tray, locate the Asset Processor, right click its icon, and select quit.
  2. Navigate to the Cache directory at lumberyard_version\dev\cache
  3. Rename the folder for your project.
  4. Restart the Editor.

When Editor restarts, it will also restart Asset Processor. It will not be able to find the database or cache for your project because the folder has been renamed. The database will regenerate and the cache will regenerate from the source asset files, so long as all the source assets, such as your textures, are not corrupted.