Android build assert failed


I deployed a debug build to my android, and i am getting the following error: assert failed

i am using lumberyard, the phone model is a galaxy J7.

can you guys help me?


Hello @Vinicius_Large!

What level are you trying to run on the device - a custom level or one of the sample levels? If a custom level, could you try one of the sample levels to see if that works?

Looking at the code it looks like the error is coming from D3DHWShader.cpp when we try to set per instance constants for a draw call on a shader. The assert is saying that the object we are trying to set the constants for is NULL, which implies that there is something in the scene that has instancing enabled on it but it is not visible or created yet.

Hmmm, don’t see why you would be having this error. Sounds like the project is small so if you are willing to attach it here I can take a look at it and try debugging it locally on one of our Android devices. Just zip up the project folder that is in the root directory of your lumberyard dev folder and attach that.

Here it is… (9.61 MB)

Hello @ChrisC@AGS,
I was trying to run a custom level. The sample level works fine.
My project is interface based, so i just use entities with canvas. There is only one canvas that starts loaded. Any thoughts?

I was able to reproduce your problem. The main issue is that the engine requires at least one 3D object to render (I’ll add a bug about this so that we can look into why and resolve it). When you load the level in the editor you should see an ocean and skybox being rendered. At that point re-export your level from the Editor (Ctrl-E), deploy to your android device and everything should work.

You will want to create a level.cfg file in the same directory that the level_01.lyr file is located. In there include the following:


Let me know if this works for you or if you need more help/information!


It worked!!Thanks a lot!!