Android Realtime Client SDK

I am developing a game using the GameLift Realtime Server. I have a web service that uses the Real Time Server Java SDK to create Game and Player sessions. My question is the following. My Game Client is an Android game. I do not see a Real Time Client SDK for the Android platform. How does my Android game client send and receive “game data” messages to the GameLift Realtime Server? Thanks for your help.

Right now I believe the Client SDK is C# only as its targeting Unity games. If you are using Unity for game development then I assume you would follow standard build/packaging for Android.

If you are not using Unity, I wonder if you can use Xamarin ( or similar to use the library? It should just be a dot net core library rather than specifically C# so it may be easier to use, but I have no direct experience doing this. Hopefully others might.

The other alternative is to convert the library but obviously thats time consuming and risky.

If you have a different development model / use case then Unity, let me know and I can reach out to the GameLift service team for advice.

You can also interact with the C++ Gamelift SDK through JNI =) That’d be my approach, rather than trying to rebuild it in Java.

Yes, I have a different model than Unity. Is Amazon planning on developing an Android Realtime Client SDK to support the Android gaming community? Thanks for your help.

@Chris_Zombek - I have reached out to the GameLift team with your question/request. Hope to have an answer soon

Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it.

We have created a backlog item to create Android Realtime Client SDK but there is no eta of delivery for this. I will make a note that it would help solve your particular problem.

Thank you for your update. While waiting for the Android Realtime Client SDK, can I port the C# Realtime Client SDK to Android? I do not want to port the entire library, rather just the APIs that I need to implement my game. For example (init(), sendMessage(), receiveMessage(), RTMessage, etc.). Can I view the C# Realtime Client SDK source code on GitHub? I am just looking for a way to make progress in the short term while waiting for the official Android Realtime Client from Amazon.

You can download the source code for C# Realtime Client SDK over here

Thank you for the information. I appreciate your help.