Android support

Hello, we are making a game prototype for android platform and engine seems to have many issues and every device we try, it runs differently: shaders not generating at all on some devices, generating and game running but with weird/corrupt shaders on others, with normal shaders on some, game running with armv8 support on some devices, not running on other devices, which support it but throwing no error, while it does throw an error when ran on usupported device, game crashing with no error multiple times while shaders are being generated until all shaders are generated, which happens on some devices but not others, the same with r_EnableGMEMPath, which runs on each device on different settings, random crashes on some devices, simple prototype running on low resolution on decent 2017 year android on 2-4 fps, 8 fps on older but better 2016-2017 year android, not running on newest amazon fire at all with no error thrown, not running on any older devices, empty game build weighing close to 1GB for profile build and release build not running properly or at all.

Am I doing something wrong or is Android support just lagging behind a bit? What are your plans on android support?

Hello, I’ve tried on nexus 5x, nokia 6, xiaomi red mi note 4, amazon fire hd 10 (2018). Mostly working on xiaomi but currently trying to make it run on amazon fire.

Hi @Vidas_Maslauskas, sorry to hear about the mixed results on Android. We are continuing to develop and improve Lumberyard on Android, but there are certainly a lot more possible hardware configurations on Android than iOS. Which device models are you primarily testing with?

Thanks @petrocket, I’ll try running S8+.

@Vidas_Maslauskas, in order to get iOS level performance (at least 30fps) we recommend you use devices from the last 2 -3 years with Adreno GPUs 530 or better (S8+, Pixel1+,etc.)

You’re welcome! I’ve put in a request to update that docs page. Probably doesn’t make sense to run on a device with less than 30 fps!

Hello again, I’ve tested a pretty simple project on samsung S8 and it was getting around 24 fps on medium settings and 40 fps on extremely low settings with shadows, AO, post processing, etc turned off.