Animating Multiple States Simultaneously

I have been digging at this for a few days with no success. I am trying to animate a vehicle moving. I have tried it using both preset animations that I created in Maya as well as driving animations through simple transforms in script canvas.

Through the animgraph, is it possible to animate two simultaneous states? For example, I have an animation for the vehicle moving straight forward (basically its just wheels spinning) and I have two separate animations, one for the wheels turning right and the other for the wheels turning left. I would like the vehicle to continue to animate the wheels spinning while also turning. I have tried to use blendN but that doesnt seem to be the proper node. I have also tried using blend2 which gives me nice blends between my left and right turn, but I am having difficulty figuring out how to also include the wheel spinning animation at the same time.

Another way that I have tried is to accomplish this is to export the tires as separate fbx and then just spin them in script canvas using local rotate. When I attempt this way I get the ‘wobbly’ wheel effect when I then use turn animations. I have tried to use separate child joints for the wheel left/right turning animation that I imported from Maya but to no avail.

Any ideas? I know I am missing something possibly very simple.


Hi! As far as script canvas, hoe fast are ypu spinning the wheels, the distortions come at high speeds usually…

As far as the animgraph i dont work with cars (surprisingly for as lomg as i have been doing this lol) but i would imagine have a blendspace controlled by a speed and turn parameter should fix you problem…i habe a blendspace tutorial on the channel and that should get yoi going on what to change for your vehicle animations…
Y Axis = wheels spinning
X Axis = turning of wheels

hope that helps