Animating Skybox texture, material

I’m interested in the question - how to make an animated sky, for example, what goes in the box. When we switch time to night - the stars flicker… No one knows how to make the same cool animated sky, skybox? Please help me understand. It’s very important

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I know how to create a texture. Have you seen the night sky? Stars twinkle easily, how can I repeat this trick?

I tested , does not work, I think may ,that is a bug :slightly_frowning_face:

But I see another settings for stars only for editor not run time :face_with_monocle: :grimacing:

I verified for script canvas , we can not access to star intensity param in script canvas LY :flushed: :sob: :sob:

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We need developers to make information about this

Stars have their own Render Pass and are rendered through their own custom shader which adds a shimmering behavior via OUT.Color set in the vertex shader (StarsVS within Stars.cfx). The intensity of the Star can be modified by modulating the Star Intensity slider under Night Sky tab within Tools -> Other -> Time of Day menu.

Also Tool->Terrain Tool menu allows you to set a starting Angle and Stretch factor for the skybox texture.

In order to render something like Stars you will have to write c++ code to add a new pass in the rendering pipeline similar to Stars with it’s own custom shader that uses Additive blend mode.


LY Team , Is it possible implement this minor feature in next version?