Animations imported on the wrong axis

Hi everyone,

I have created the following animation in Blender:

I am trying to export this animation from Blender and apply it to my character in the animation editor. I export it from blender with the following settings applied:


When I add this animation to the Motion Set (after initalising the animation fbx in the fbx settings panel) and play it my character is facing the wrong direction:

I have tried exporting it from blender in multiple different positions however none of them work. I also tried using the “Transform” tools in the OpenGL Render Window. I managed to use these tools to rotate the character to the correct position but I can’t work out how to save the animations and character to that orientation.

Thanks in advance for any help

Hi, sorry that you run into this issue.

Unfortunately our Blender support is not perfect at the moment. We will try to improve this experience. Apologies for the inconvenience.

The image looks to show like the Y and Z are swapped. Can it be that the motion was saved using those axes swapped while the actor doesn’t?

It might also be that a small tweak is needed in the code. Perhaps the following link might help, even if its not related to Mixamo.

Please let us know if you need more help. If we cannot get it working we can see if we can fix this on our side to make it work as we think Blender support is important to work out of the box.

In the Lumbermixalot github readme I point out that Blender always add a root node, above the root Bone/Joint when exporting FBX files.
You would need to modify:
Take a look at the instructions in: