Announcement: Amazon GameLift available in 5 more regions across Australia, Europe and North America

Providing players a low latency gameplay experience is
crucial for many online multiplayer games. One of the best ways to decrease
player latency and improve player engagement is to deploy game servers even
closer to your players. Starting today, Amazon GameLift supports game
deployment to five additional regions.

New regions Asia Pacific (Sydney), EU West (London), US West
(San Francisco), US East (Ohio) and Canada (Montreal) join US East (N.
Virginia), US West (Oregon), EU West (Ireland), EU Central (Frankfurt), Asia
Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific
(Mumbai) and South America (São Paulo) to make Amazon GameLift available in 14
regions worldwide.

Amazon GameLift also now supports R4 instances, the next
generation of memory optimized Amazon GameLift instances, featuring a larger
instance size, improved networking performance and cheaper per GiB of RAM
compared to R3 instances. R4 instances are well suited for games that are
memory-intensive or run many game server processes concurrently. Amazon
GameLift R4 instances are available in all 14 Amazon GameLift regions.

Lastly, Amazon GameLift now gives you the ability to peer
the VPC that controls access to your Amazon GameLift fleet with any other AWS
VPC (for example, a VPC that contains your services for authentication or
commerce). This allows you to route traffic safely through the peered VPCs and
not over the public internet.

To learn more about Amazon GameLift region availability, instance types,
pricing or VPC peering, please visit: