Announcement: Amazon GameLift Developer Guide now on GitHub

Great documentation is only as
good as the feedback we get from you, our developer community. With the
GameLift Developer Guide on GitHub, you now have more ways to share documentation-related
questions and comments, propose updates and even submit new content with a pull
request. You can access the repository directly at,
or jump to individual files in the repo from the Developer Guide (click the new GitHub icon in the title bar).

As always, you can also submit
doc-related comments using the Feedback button on every documentation
page. Kudos are welcome, but are tips about useful content that we’ve
overlooked. We actively monitor all feedback and submissions on Github, so keep
them coming. For non-documentation questions and comments, the forum really is
the best way to get expert help and advice.

small step toward better GameLift documentation!

I think this is a great idea and applaud the game tech staff for open sourcing this developer guide. My only question is how often will this guide, if at all, be synced with the actual documentation? For example, my pull request was just accepted recently, so will that ever be reflected in the actual documentation for gamelift or should I also submit feedback through the docs separately?

Hi Chris–yes, changes adopted through pull requests are definitely updated in the main documentation–no need to send additional feedback. For example, your change to some key sample code has already been updated in the Developer Guide ( and in the SDK samples repo (

Depending on the nature of the change, it may take a little time for updates to be reflected in the main docs. We try to address pull requests and update docs within three weeks.