Announcement: Amazon GameLift FleetIQ & Spot Instances – Savings of up to 90%

Players have high
expectations from multiplayer games. They demand a no-wait, always-available,
low-latency gameplay experience. We have heard from you that it can be
difficult to deliver on these player expectations while keeping your costs

Today, GameLift launched
FleetIQ and Spot instances to help developers reduce their dedicated server
hosting costs even further. Spot instances offer access to spare AWS computing
capacity at savings of up to 90% compared to On-Demand prices. You can
achieve these savings while maintaining high game server availability with the
use of FleetIQ, a new feature of Amazon GameLift Queuesthat places new game
sessions on game servers based on player latencies, instance prices, and Spot instance
interruption rates.

With Spot instances you get
the same high-performance hardware as On-Demand instances at savings up to 90%.
Unlike On-Demand instances, Spot instance prices fluctuate based on the current
supply and demand for each instance type in each region. Spot instance
prices are set by Amazon and adjust gradually based on long-term trends in
supply and demand for Spot instance capacity. Amazon GameLift Spot instance prices
never exceed Amazon GameLift On-Demand prices.

While Spot instances save you
money, Spot instances can be interrupted by AWS with two minutes of
notification when AWS needs the capacity back. You can use this notification
period to migrate or shut down games running on those instances. To limit the impact of Spot
interruptions, we built FleetIQ.

FleetIQ tracks Spot instance interruption
rates and uses this data to automatically place games on instances with low
interruption frequencies. With the combined power of FleetIQ and Spot instances,
game developers can now take advantage of additional savings with confidence in

To take advantage of Spot
instances and FleetIQ, you can use the Amazon GameLift console or API to set up
Queues with multiple fleets of Spot and On-Demand instances. By adding more
fleets into each Queue, you give FleetIQ more options to improve latency,
interruption rate, and cost. To place a new game session, FleetIQ first selects
the region with the lowest latency for each player, then chooses the fleet with
the lowest interruption rate and cost.

think the combination of FleetIQ and Spot instances will give you a new set of
tools to save money while still providing a great player experience. To learn
more, visit