Announcement: Amazon GameLift releases algorithmic customization options for FlexMatch matchmaking process

Hello game developers! We know you love using FlexMatch for building player matchmaking in your games. We also heard that you would like more flexibility in customizing FlexMatch to optimize the balance of matchmaking speed and quality for your games. Today, we are announcing the following changes to FlexMatch:

  • Prioritize backfill tickets: You can now choose to raise or lower how match backfill tickets are prioritized when searching for acceptable matches. We have added a new algorithm property backfillPriority to accomplish this.

  • Optimize match consistency and efficiency: Configure your matchmaker to pre-sort the ticket pool prior to batching tickets for evaluation. By pre-sorting tickets based on key player attributes, your resulting matches tend to have players who are more similar in those attributes. You can also boost efficiency in the evaluation process by pre-sorting on the same attributes that are used in match rules. Use the algorithm property sortByAttributes with the strategy property set to “sorted”.

  • Optimize for wait times or match quality: Choose between triggering expansions based on the age of the newest (default) or oldest ticket in an incomplete match. Triggering on the oldest ticket tends to complete matches faster, while triggering on the newest ticket leads to produce higher quality matches. To accomplish this use the algorithm property expansionAgeSelection .

More details are available in the GameLift Release Notes.

Toufeeq Hussain
Product Lead, GameLift


Great information
Very good to know in more detail about the GameLift because the LATAM industry always comes to consult me about this information, given that the dam here has been increased by the knowledge and consumption of the tool.