Announcement: GameLift Support for Linux Now Available

can now use GameLift to deploy and run game servers on Linux! GameLift provides the same features for game servers running on Linux and Windows. Just build your game server executables for Linux, specify the operating system when uploading the build to the GameLift service, and GameLift takes care of the rest.

Full release notes:


After following the instructions to build an Amazon Linux Server, I tried to upload it to start a fleet, but I’ve been having some issues.

The build scripts outputs everything to a bin/ folder, in the end it includes a Main executable and the required dynamic libraries.

If I do ./Main from the Server terminal, it starts the process correctly.
I’m uploading the build passing --build-root PATH/bin/ and the AMAZON_LINUX flag for operative system.
The path I’m telling the Fleet to invoke is /Main with a dummy 1234 param.

However, my fleet fails to activate and the error:
Server Process exited without calling process ending with exit code 127. (/local/game/Main 1234)

I have a bunch of questions that I haven’t been able to answer with docs / tinkering:
What is the correct way to package / build / upload the Linux binaries?
What should the install.bat do? Should it be an instead?
Is it sourced or executed in a different shell? What is the $PATH?
Should we copy the binaries to that path in the install script?
Can we get more explicit errors than “Process exit with code: 1” from some log?

Hello @Polyminis,

Please look at your original post here for a reply to your questions!

Thank you.